Wednesday, 28 Nov, 2007 Politics

80 Percent of Mexican Women Murdered by Family Members


The recent poll revealed that 8 women out of ten in Mexico were killed by one of their family members, president of Mexico Felipe Calderon declared on Monday. On the event of International day Against Violence, he presented the facts that revealed that almost 30 million women in Mexico were victims of domestic violence last year.

The Mexican President also marked the day by signing legislation regarding punishment of those who deal with human trafficking and gender violence. Trafficking of women is known to be one of the most profitable crimes, with 80 percent of women being the victims of these crimes.

Recently it was uncovered that more and more young women suffer from violence with almost 60 percent of teenagers claiming about aggressive behavior from their partners. Besides, 30 percent of women said that their partners did that because they loved them.

President said that "the environment of mistreatment in which millions of Mexican women continue to live" is worrying and deplorable.

Many women in Mexico do not file suits against violence fearing repeated attacks and lacking knowledge on their rights.

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