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Additional Iraq Funding Bill Approved Today by the U.S. House


A vote in the U.S. House approved additional fundings for Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, as well as other projects

The results of the vote was 218-212, where two members of the Republican party joined the majority and 14 Democrats voted against this measure. Thus the measure will be directed to the Senate.

The current law is meant to distribute funds among various projects where the most important are considered: additional Iraq war funding - $ 96 billion, additional funding for the Afghanistan campaign - $ 7 billion; other anti-terror campaigns inside the U.S. - $ 6 billion; support of the Hurricane Katrina victims, such as shrimpers, peanut and spinach farmers and others will also receive some attention from the Government. The measure was set on August 31, 2008. This is the day when the U.S. troops should be withdrawn from Iraq; the President, however, said he would veto anything including withdrawal deadlines.

Before voting the Democrat, California Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi said that if American people do not support an endless war, neither should the Congress. She added that this was a big mistake overall and mentioned "lack of planning and oversight", which allowed billions of dollars to disappear and jeopardized all the efforts for reconstructing Iraq's infrastructure.

On the other hand a Republican from Texas, Sam Johnson, prophesied the fall of the current measure, because billions in such 'pork barrel' projects were called on lawmakers. He added that the right thing to do in this case would be producing a "clean" bill, as he expressed himself. Neutralizing the troops on the ground would also be a mistake, he added.

"The Marines never quit. Neither should we!" This was Mr. Johnson's response to Mrs. Pelosi.

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