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Barack Obama Meets Ex-presidents of the United States


Barrack Obama met ex-presidents of the United States at a historic lunch at the White House. The president-elect was the one who came up with the proposal and George W. Bush managed the organization of the meeting. He considered that it would be of much help for Mr. Obama to hear a few "war stories".

George Bush senior, 84, Bill Clinton, 62, and Jimmy Carter, 84 were the ones to join President Bush 62 and the president-elect Barack Obama 47. It is worth mentioning that prior to the gathering the president-elect Barack Oama and George W. Bush met to discuss the economy of the United States and the problems in the Middle East.

The president-elect would have heard plenty of advice from the three former presidents, who all attempted to set peace in the region but eventually failed to do so. George W. Bush told Barack Omaba: "One message that I have and we all share is that we all want you to succeed." Mr. Obama characterized the lunch of the four presidents as "an extraordinary gathering". He stated that during the meeting he expected to learn more what concerns "the pressures and possibilities of his office".

The last time Mr. Obama met his three predecessors in January 2007, when they attended the funeral of ex-president Gerald Ford. The last time that the White House gathered four living presidents was in 1981, when Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and (then president in office) Ronald Reagan got together. The four mainly focused on the same old topic - The Middle East.

Vice President Cheney was not invited to the meeting. "I'd love to be there, but the vice presidents weren't invited," Mr. Cheney told CBS Radio.

The idea of current gathering came after the president-elect stated that Nancy Killefer would perform the actions of a watchdog to make the spending of the new administration in the White House more reasonable. It is worth mentioning that she was the assistant Treasury Secretary during the Clinton administration. Nancy Killefer is to become the first Chief Performance Officer is American history. Mr. Obama will swear in on January 20.

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