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Berezovsky to Be Questioned by Russian Investigators in London


Russian investigators came to the UK to interrogate the exiled Russian tycoon, Boris Berezovsky. The investigation will be conducted as a part of the last November Alexander Litvinenko's murder investigation.

Litvinenko died on November 23 last year. The investigation proved his poisoning with the highly radioactive Polonium-210. First wave of investigation featured a Scotland Yard team of detectives arriving to Moscow to interrogate two ex-spies, Andrey Lugovoy and Dmitri Kovtun, who turned into businessmen after resignation.

Scotland Yard, however, turned the case over to Britain's Crown Prosecution Service earlier this year; the Russian Prosecutor's Office started its own parallel investigation.

Mr. Berezovsky said the Russian team initially planned to question over 100 witnesses, yet only three of them consented, i.e. Berezovsky himself and Ahmed Zakayev, also in exile. Berezovsky was not familiar with the name of the third person to be questioned.

While agreeing to meet the investigators, Mr. Berezovsky set his conditions upon this meeting, and namely that it should not take place on any of the Russian embassy premises, the investigators must be checked for firearms or any other weapons and for chemical or poisonous substances. Berezovsky expressed his special wish the meeting to be transparent and that it took place under the supervision of the Scotland Yard officers.

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