Wednesday, 21 Mar, 2007 Politics

Children used in Iraq's attacks


Iraq rebels break all the ethics when using children in their car bombing attacks in Baghdad. This was the first but not the last of barbarous acts to find bypass ways to beguile security officers and fulfill their malicious plans.

A vehicle with two children and explosives passed the US millitary checkpoint while military officers were unsuspected of the danger. The presense of children misled security from checking the car, as later was acknoledged by Maj. Gen. Michael Barbero. As the vehicle stopped, Iraq's insurgents rushed out of the car that exploded with the children sitting at the backseat.

Three other Iraq's witnesses became victims of the brutal attack near a market place and altogether seven people ended up with serious injures.

The bombing with children involved were confirmed by Christopher Garver , a U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad. The more detailed information is withheld all for security sake. Previous attacks led to eight people killed and 28 injured in neighborhood of Shaab. Last year Iraqi rebels had attempts to use women and children in car bombings but none of the were killed.

Now US militaries are critically alarmed at these new ruthless bypass methods to decieve security officers and claim there can be another bombings with even more victims. Together with chlorine bombings it later on January 28 the threat becomes greater.

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