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China Denies the Accusations on its Military Build-up


The officials from People's Republic of China denied the accusations of the United States regarding its military build-up. They stated that China, as a country with the biggest number of population, always looks forward to contribute to the world peace.

Despite China's statements on world peace, Dick Cheney raised concerns regarding its military build-up. He said that testing anti-satellite missiles does not represent a "peaceful rise". It is to remind that on January 11, China launched its ground-based ballistic system that destroyed a weather satellite, which was 865 km above Earth. This test caused serious concerns in several capitals, including Washington and Tokyo.

On a news conference held on Tuesday, Qin Gang, the spokesman of Chinese Foreign Ministry, stated that China continues walking on the road of peaceful development. He also mentioned that China represents an important power of maintaining world peace.

Qin said that the peaceful position of China can be proved by the role it has played as an opposition to the development of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction in North Korea.

A report released in October by the United States congressional panel stated that despite China's continuously increasing power and wealth, it is still not ready to turn into an active player on the international arena of maintaining peace and stability.

However, a defense white paper, which was released in December, has picked China's side, stating that PRC spends less per capita on military forces than such major countries like the United Stated, Britain or Russia.

For the diplomatic efforts made to solve the nuclear crisis, People's Republic of China was highly appreciated. It is to remind that, during the Beijing talks, the Vice Foreign Minister of North Korea agreed to shut down the main nuclear reactor in exchange for energy aid.

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