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Chinese hackers spotted on British government attack


China's military is suspected on hacking UK government computer networks. There was no comment from British government on the case.

Government officials claimed on the attack of Chinese hackers who are also thought to be from China's military.

This was a third attack on foreign governments registered in last two months and all of them were connected to Chinese military.

The first case in June was reported as attack on US Defense Secretary. It took more than a week to recover from that online assault were Chinese People's Liberation Army was involved according to The Financial Times.

The second attack was suspected just before the German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to Beijing. Several computers at the Chancellery were claimed to have alien spy programs again refereed to People's Liberation Army.

China denied all the accusations saying that it tried to establish cooperation with other countries to fight with Internet crimes.

The Pentagon officials said earlier this year that China's army claimed Internet attacks to be considered an aggressive weapon against enemy networks.

Other Internet crimes that were informed by US State Department seemed to aim at department headquarters and offices connected to China and North Korea.

Although, some specialists say that China's computer system is not secure enough and that could become a good place for other hackers to hide their location and plan an attack.

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