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Chinese Party Expelled For Breaching One-Child Policy


China family planning officials dismissed 500 members of Communist Party because they did not support the country one-child policy.

Almost 93,084 people in province, including 1,678 officials of Hubei did not follow the policy. As a result, the majority of Communist Party were dismissed from their posts and 7 local and national officials lost their political status.

Family planning officials say that in recent years many people, including party members, ignored one-child policy that was introduced to control population growth in China.

According to this policy a family is allowed to have no more than one child. Some exceptions were made to families were the first child was a girl, increasing traditional preferences for male babies. Male birth selection practiced in several countries led to numerous cases of forced abortions and imbalance of sex ratio at birth.

The one-child policy was meant to slow down the rapid population growth, but some wealthy couples can afford to have second child, paying the fine. Chinese authorities say that many officials breached the rules and new measures will enforce the policy.

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