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U.S. to Place its Antiballistic Missile Defense System in Britain


On Friday, Britain together with the United States discussed the stationing of the U.S. antiballistic missile defense system on the territory of the United Kingdom. Before that the United States thought of setting its system on the lands of the Czech Republic and Poland. However, its initiative was met with furious objections from the Russian Federation, despite the fact that the U.S. said its defense system was to be installed to fight against Iran and not to aim towards Russia. The spokeswoman of the British Prime Minister Tony Blair stated that Britain was secretly lobbying for the installment of the U.S. antiballistic missile defense system for some time. She also mentioned that Britain believes that U.S. system represents an important step towards providing Europe with missile defense coverage.

Right after Britain's Prime Minister announced that his country withdraws 1,600 of its soldiers from southern Iraq, Des Browne, Defense Secretary, stated that additional forces are to join 5,600 Britons, who are now being part of NATO forces.

Gen. Henry Obering III made several remarks regarding the defense system stating that U.S. was always looking towards new ways of cooperation with the United Kingdom. He mentioned that the United States radar systems were already in their final stage of testing.

The results of the negotiation might create acute disputes at a time when most representatives in Blair's Labor Party are looking forward for Britain to distance itself from the United States. The reason for this was created by a quite unpopular alliance of Britain with U.S. in Iraq.

It is to be mentioned that the British troops are deployed not only in Afghanistan and Iraq but also in the Balkans and Northern Ireland.

The military ventures of Mr. Blair faced a protest on Whitehall. A small group of people protesting against Prime Minister's position submitted a letter to Mr. Blair in which they called for a meeting with him.

The letter said that it was the sixth visit of the protesters, who asked a meeting with their Prime Minister but he never gave them a few minutes of his time. It also said that people had several questions regarding the deaths of their children in Iraq and as the question lingers neither protestors nor questions will go away.

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