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Democrats Celebrated the Victory of Barack Obama in an Intimate Way


After Barack Obama was elected the next president of the United States, the event brought about something more than a political movement. While some of Obama's supporters celebrated his victory on the streets, others decided to get more intimate and start a new generation, which will be called "Obama Babies," at least if you believe the conversations among bloggers.

Registered users on Twitter, a social networking website that allows people to submit short alerts on what they are doing at the moment, flooded the website with messages regarding their intimate celebrations of the newly elected president. They wrote that the blue states would be quite busy in 9 months time.

In addition, "Obama Baby" is a phenomenon that was already defined in the Ubran Dictionary. The most popular online resource of American slang defines the phrase as: "A child conceived after Obama was proclaimed President by way of celebratory sex, or any baby born under Barack Obama's term(s)." Below the definition there's an example of the phrase's use, saying: "I was born July 2009. I'm an Obama baby!"

It is worth mentioning even before the beginning of the lection there were charters showing that world events could have a great influence on one's libido, Telegraph reports.

On a blog called, a user under the nickname Mia, wrote: "I watched Obama's acceptance speech, heart - and loins - swelled alike. My loving man gave my hand a squeeze, and I was filled with a wondrous, deep and primal desire to embrace him and celebrate life. And even - now that we have a prayer of creating for them a worthy world - to make life, to make babies."

On Yahoo Answers one of the users provided a much straighter explanation of how he celebrated the victory of Barack Obama. He wrote: "I had good sex while simultaneously watching Obama's victory on CNN. Now THAT'S a great way to spend an evening, let me tell you."

However, there were users who voted for McCain and thus were less positive about getting intimate after the final results of the election. One of the bloggers wrote: "That's it. My fiancee and I will have to wait until 2012 before we start to have kids. I refuse to have an "Obama Baby."

Some bloggers were more down to earth, or maybe they had problems with their intimate life. One user placed a comment on a blog saying: "Gross. I mean, really? Who has sex because their political candidate won? I can't imagine much more of a hard-on killer than thoughts of Washington D.C."

A number of women from Kenya, the homeland of Obama's ancestors, have already given the name of the new American president to their newborns.

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