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European Intelligence: In April U.S. Military Could Attack Iran


Russian Intelligence reports the fact that American military has almost finished its built-up near the Iranian frontier. An officer from the Russian Intelligence said in an interview to Russian news agency RIA Novosti the U.S. will be able to commence the attack in the first half of April. He also added that one cannot exclude the fact that after launching rockets at Iranian objects, suspected of producing nuclear weapons, the U.S. military might continue with a ground attack.

An Internet site, Debka, which is very close to the Israeli Secret Service, reports that the strike against Iran will commence in the night of 6th April. The operation will be code-named "Sting" and will last 12 hours. During this time the U.S. military intends to launch hundreds of missiles and bombs at object, suspected in producing nuclear weaponry.

The 15 Royal marines, captured this week by Iranian military, could become the cause for initiating this operation. Two captured Israeli soldiers were the cause for Israel war against Hezbollah last year.

Dana Perino, the Press-Secretary of the White House, denied all these facts when answering questions of American reporters on this topic. She once again mentioned that the situation can be settled with diplomatic means.

However the Persian Gulf experiences about the same amount of the U.S. military as it did almost 4 years ago, before launching the attack against Iraq. Moreover, the U.S. Navy launched the biggest military exercise of last few years in the gulf. Two U.S. carriers (Dwight D. Eisenhower and John. C Stennis), two groups of warships, over a hundred aircrafts and about 10,000 soldiers take part in these exercises.

Jeff Davis, a Pentagon representative, reported on March 30th, that another group of ships, lead by the Nimitz carrier, were directed into the gulf. However Davis denied the fact of increasing the U.S. presence in the gulf, as the Nimitz is to substitute the Dwight D. Eisenhower carrier.

Experts also mention the fact that the exercises started one day before the meeting of the states of the Arab League and a few days after the capturing of the Royal marines.

At its turn the Iranian officials said that they will limit cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, due to the UN resolution 1747. Associated Press reported that this decision was determined by the possibility U.S. and Israeli military attacking Iran. According to the agency, this declaration was placed on a limited access web page of the IAEA.

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