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First Antarctic Educational Center to be Opened Soon


This week Robert Swan plans to begin his expedition to Antarctica. The adventurer says his aim is to open an online education center, which by his words will be the first in the world. The center will allow children to watch in real-time how life goes on the ice.

It is to mention that Robert Swan was the first adventurer to walk to the North and South poles without any assistance. Now his aim is to build a center on a Russian base, which is situated on King George Island. The center is to teach children about several important things about Antarctica. They will learn about the climate change and most importantly they will learn about the things that they can do for protecting our planet.

The base itself has a size of 40 by 10 feet. The material from which it is made is recyclable. It functions using alternative power supply systems: wind and sun. On the roof of the base a camera will be set. Thus the teachers will be able to use in class the educational material provided by the website. The online broadcast will include images and surroundings of the ice.

The adventurer hopes that a special interest to children will be the mix of actual images of the area covered in snow and additional information regarding the effects of climate change. Swan looks forward to continue the work of Peter Scott, the son of another explorer Robert Falcon Scott, and the famous French adventurer and explorer Jacques Cousteau. 2007 for Swan is of great importance. This is because it's International Polar Year.

Each year the adventurer takes with him a group of teachers and students as well as the representatives of corporate sponsors to Antarctica. These trips started in 2003 and their goal is to create an educational base together with the government of Russia.

A team of 60 people gather from different countries will start its trip towards the ice continent on Saturday. The meeting place is Ushuaia - the city that's the southernmost in the world. The trip is called Inspire Antarctic Expedition 5 and it will be operated by Swan's non-for-profit firm called 2041 as well as his charity - Robert Swan Foundation.

The information that will be provided by the camera from the Russian base is to be available on

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