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Forced Adoption Doesn't Give Parents Any Chance


A lot of children in Great Britain were taken from their parents and unfairly adopted by government decision.

According to the BBC Radio 4's Face and Facts programme, there were more than 100 cases when children were forcibly adopted by mistake without having enough evidence that their own families were causing harm to them.

As much as 1,300 babies are adopted every year and in around a half of these cases this was made under government regulation. Social workers dealing with adoption said they had to follow government's objectives regarding adoption that were prescribed in 2000.

The programme shows a woman who had her baby taken as soon as she gave birth. There was also a man who had his two sons forcibly adopted, and later was given an apology for the mistake but he will never have his sons back as they were already adopted.

Many families were not given enough time to appeal and defend their parent's rights and as a result lost their chances to return their child. The secrecy of the adoption procedure often leave parents in the dark about their children as authorities don't let them talk to defend their families.

The authorities denied the fact of forced adoptions saying that changes were made to speed up the adoption process and was always done in child's interests. However, the process seemed to be too shortened as decision on adoption was often made without sufficient evidence.

The limited access to family courts that was explained by the fact that child welfare is of primary importance to the court, also contributed to more hastened decisions.

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