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Fox Interactive Media Purchased Strategic Data Corp.


On Thursday Fox Interactive Media, owned by News Corporation, stated that it has acquired Strategic Data Corp., a company that deals with interactive advertising technology. This step was made to improve Fox's advertising, and mainly the way marketers perform it.

MySpace's officials stated that the technology used by Strategic Data is to help Fox Interactive Media automatically match advertisements with those users that want to respond to them. The information regarding financial data was not provided.

The president of Fox, Mr. Levinsohn, mentioned in a phone interview that the use of Strategic Data's technology is to significantly increase the company's performance revenue value.

Fox Interactive Media is News Corp.'s closely watched division. It put a new shine on the global media conglomerate right after it had purchased in 2005 MySpace, a deal of $ 580 million. According to Levinsohn the company was always interested in making deals like the one regarding Strategic Data. This is because such deals add new tools that can help the company generate better revenue.

Fox Interactive Media provides high interest in new user applications because they can generate more members. This statement was made by Levinsohn, without any further details. He also mentioned that Fox looks forward to building a business, and in case there will be other applications the company will act aggressively.

According to statistical data provided by comScore Media Metrics in December MySpace attracted about 90 millions users worldwide. The majority of users were from the United States. Fox is also the owner of IGN, a video game site, and

In 2006 Fox Interactive Media signed a deal with number one search engine Google Inc. The deal calls the giant to make minimum $ 900 million in revenue share payments. These are based on Fox achieving a specific traffic targets as well as meeting other commitments.

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