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Further escalation in the Estonian - Russian relationship


One of the major Russian news agency, RIA Novosti, reports that Moscow authorities have protested against Estonian policemen's actions on May 3rd. They have beaten the deputy of Moscow's department for external relations, Anatoly Sorokin, who was having an official visit to Estonian capital at that time.

Moscow's authorities have expressed their protests against these actions and claimed that everyone involved in this inhumane treatment be punished.

Mr. Sorokin was visiting Tallinn due to youth events, organized by Moscow authorities for young men in Baltic countries. Such events are being organized since 1996.

Press services of Moscow city-hall declared that the citizen of the Russian Federation was beaten without being given any rational reason for this. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Sorokin is said to have had his ID, proving both his citizenship and his service. Despite these facts, he was beaten and brought to the police station while being unconscious.

As the press service mentioned further, Estonian policemen ignored every claim of Mr. Sorokin to inform the Russian embassy in Estonia about the incident (ignored - probably because the majority of Russian speaking policemen quit their police service recently and none understood Russian speech?). It was also mentioned that calls for medical treatment were ignored too and there was no medical care received by Mr. Sorokin whatsoever.

The Russian consul was called for only on the next day and Mr. Sorokin was freed only with Russian embassy interfering. Russian Foreign Ministry has send its note of protest to the Estonian authorities. They expressed their opinion that the policemen's actions could be treated only as provocation, meant to escalate the relationship between Russia and Estonia, which cannot be defined as 'friendly' after Estonian authorities decided to disassemble a Soviet war monument in center of Tallinn.

Moscow authorities are counting that this incident will be respectively treated by the EU, which has recently accepted the country as a young democracy.

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