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Doctor Removes Gall Bladder through Woman's Mouth


A surgeon from Portland, Oregon, removed a gall bladder through a patient's mouth. This was an example of the first surgery that was performed in US, intended with less cuts, and thus being less intrusive.

Dr. Lee Swanstrom from Oregon clinic performed the surgery on 35-year old woman who needed a gall bladder removal. The usual way a surgery on a gall bladder is performed through cutting the lower abdomen. This time, the surgeon put a small instrument through woman's mouth towards the diseased organ and made a tiny cut in the stomach to remove a gall bladder that was later taken out back though the mouth.

That was the second surgery that was performed through patient's mouth and now it has good promises for this kind of procedures. The first surgery of this kind was made by the same doctor in Brazil. Both patients recovered sooner with no complications noticed. The doctor says that surgery holds minimum risks of abdominal cavity infection, it is still more effective than traditional methods. Removing organs through orifices quickens recovery period, with no scars and less pain.

Oral surgeries are considered more innovative and effective. There are cases when organs were removed through vagina, through the nose and through the mouth. Surgery through orifices will allow doctors perform the procedure without general anesthetic.

As gall bladder is one of the most wide-spread surgeries, with more than 500,000 Americans requiring its removal, the new procedure can become a breakthrough in medicine.

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//1 Oct 04, 2008 03:49 PM | posted by: summer_rain [InfoMANIAC]
interesting... haven't heard of such operations before... quite hard to believe it...

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