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Georgia's NATO Membership is in Doubt


Karel De Kucht: Georgia's NATO Membership is in DoubtAfter the conflict in South Ossetia, Belgium's Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht expressed his doubts regarding the possibility of Georgia to become a member of NATO. He mentioned that it is quite risky to accept a country that cannot control its actions correctly, the Soir Newspaper quoted the minister as saying.

According to the Russian news agency, RIA Novosti, this is the first public announcement made by a member of NATO after Russia was strongly criticized for its military involvement in South Ossetia. It is worth mentioning that on December NATO will hold a meeting in Brussels where the 26 members will have to estimate the chances of Georgia and Ukraine to join the block.

On the summit that took place in Bucharest, the two countries were promised NATO membership. However, the leaders of the block considered it would be too early to make Ukraine and Georgia official members of NATO, mentioning that the final decision will be made in December.

The Belgian minister stated that the war in South Ossetia showed that Georgia's government does not always make the right decisions and is not always able to manage its actions correctly.

On August 8, 2008, Georgia started military actions in South Ossetia, lots of civilians and peacekeepers died. The capital of South Ossetia was almost entirely destroyed.

Russia was forced to start its military operation to protect civilians. On August 12 it was announced that Russia will end its military operation.

After the extra-meeting on Georgia, NATO's Foreign Ministers decided to send 15 military experts to estimate the level of damage of the Russian military healthcare systems, electricity and water supplies, as well as transport in Georgia.

Besides, the ministers decided to start cooperating with Georgia in order to prevent aerial and cyber attacks.

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