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Google Brings Microsoft to Court


Google has launched a legal challenge to new operating system Windows Vista introduced by Microsoft. According to Google, Microsoft has breached competition as Windows Vista makes it more difficult to use Google's desktop search tool, combing through a hard drive of the computer and emails of the user in search for information, than it does to use the search function provided by Windows.

The fact that Microsoft has integrated its Internet Explorer web browser and other applications with Windows has aroused numerous competition complaints of other software developers. Since a 2002 settlement, Microsoft has acted under a Department of Justice consent decree. Google claims that Windows Vista desktop search implies the violation of the consent decree signed by Microsoft at that time and limits consumer choice.

The search engine company urges Microsoft to provide the users with a simple way of turning off Windows Vista's integrated search function. In its turn, Microsoft insists that it is absolutely easy to install and get access to the rival Google Desktop software.

Having long been concerned over the issue, Google has recently decided to take on Microsoft in court. In April, the company sent a 50-page submission to the Justice Department. The hearing of the issue is set by a Washington DC court on June 12.

However, it is unclear whether the Justice Department will support Google on the matter as it has more than once told state prosecutors to take no action on the company's complaint against Microsoft.

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