U.S. and Russia Found a Common Goal - Iraq
[06 Mar, 2007] comments (0)
Both United States and Russia are interested in providing stability in Iraq, said on Tuesday the ambassador of United States to Russia William Burns. According to Mr. Burns the discrepancies between the two countries are now in past. ...
Scientific contribution in Iraq war undermined
[01 Mar, 2007] comments (0)
Britain's Armed Forces may no longer take part in operations countering Iraq's thread without considerable funds in essential technology advancements, where scientists make their greatest contribution, announced a committee of MPs. ...
China Denies the Accusations on its Military Build-up
[27 Feb, 2007] comments (0)
The officials from Peoples Republic of China denied the accusations of the United States regarding its military build-up. They stated that China, as a country with the biggest number of population, always looks forward to contribute to the world peace. ...
U.S. to Place its Antiballistic Missile Defense System in Britain
[24 Feb, 2007] comments (0)
On Friday, Britain together with the United States discussed the stationing of the U.S. antiballistic missile defense system on the territory of the United Kingdom. Before that the United States thought of setting its system on the lands of the Czech Republic and Poland. However, its initiative was met with furious objections from the Russian Federation, despite the fact that the U.S. said its defense system was to be installed to fight against Iran and not to aim towards Russia. ...
Fox Interactive Media Purchased Strategic Data Corp.
[22 Feb, 2007] comments (0)
On Thursday Fox Interactive Media, owned by News Corporation, stated that it has acquired Strategic Data Corp., a company that deals with interactive advertising technology. This step was made to improve Fox's advertising, and mainly the way marketers perform it. ...
Tragic Human Error Lead to Transplantation of HIV-positive Organs
[20 Feb, 2007] comments (0)
Several Italian doctors have transplanted to three recipients organs that were infected by HIV. The information was provided by the hospital in Florence. The doctors from the Careggi hospital said that the liver and kidneys of an HIV-positive woman were transplanted after a laboratory biologist mistakenly wrote on a woman's medical records that she tested negative for the virus. ...
Surgeons Who Play Video Games are More Skilled
[19 Feb, 2007] comments (0)
Recent studies showed that the surgeons who play video games are more skilled. It seems that video games contribute to a more precise technique of using different medical instruments. The February issue of Archives of Surgery states that there is a direct link between having video game skills and the abilities of a surgeon to perform a laparoscopic surgery. ...
Google's New Purchase Called Adscape
[16 Feb, 2007] comments (0)
Adscape Media Inc. is a company that provides in-game advertising. Google has agreed on purchasing the company for $ 23 million. This information was provided by Red Herring, a technology site which cited in a report made on Thursday the sources that are familiar with the matter. However, the spokesman of Google did not leave any comment stating that the current policy of the company is not to respond to "rumor or speculation". ...
First Antarctic Educational Center to be Opened Soon
[15 Feb, 2007] comments (0)
This week Robert Swan plans to begin his expedition to Antarctica. The adventurer says his aim is to open an online education center, which by his words will be the first in the world. The center will allow children to watch in real-time how life goes on the ice.


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