Wednesday, 14 Mar, 2007 Politics

Only Diplomatic Means Are Allowed to Solve the Iranian Nuclear Issue


Vladimir Putin has once again confirmed his point of view on the Iranian nuclear issue. He said that no other means other than diplomatic should be used to solve the conflict around the Iranian nuclear program.

On the press-conference, where the President of Russia and Italy's Prime Minister, Romano Prodi, have concluded their official meeting, Putin stated that the same diplomatic means should be also used in resolving other conflicts, like the ones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo and any other case. According to Mr. Putin the current meeting proved that the governments of the two countries share their views on solving conflicts, including an unacceptable use of force..

Romano Prodi has acknowledged everything said by Mr. Putin, and added that there should be various approaches towards international events. He added that such a multi-sided approach and the potentials of the UN could move, one way or another, the intense situation around Lebanon from its dead point.

Mr. Prodi said that during the meeting they have touched upon the issues of Iran, Kosovo, Lebanon, as well as the problem of peace in the Middle East. The Prime Minister stated that the two countries will also closely cooperate in the UN Security Council, because many conflicts have not seen any solution yet.

Mr. Prodi said that the current Russian-Italian summit in Bari was probably the best proof of strategic partnership between the two countries.

The Italian Prime Miniter also added that there is a necessity to develop bilateral relationship between both EU and Russia. For this the partnership agreements should comprise as many issues as possible, including the energy problem.

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