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London is among the most unsatisfied cities in the EU


Recent survey revealed the happiest cities in the European Union, i.e. cities, where people consider themselves as happy. The survey has also showed cities in the EU, where citizens were able easier and faster find a good job and a cheap home.

The happiest cities proved to be the capitals of Denmark, Luxembourg and Estonia (Copenhagen, Luxembourg and Tallinn), whereas the most unhappy citizens were found in Athens, Bucharest and London, capital cities of Greece, Romania and England. Here people were mostly unsatisfied with conditions of their life.

Prague, Copenhagen and Dublin are the three cities to provide the best and easiest-to-find jobs; in Paris, Luxembourg, Dublin, Bucharest and Bratislava one can find "a comfortable home for a reasonable price".

Public transportation system is perfect according to citizens of Münich, Helsinki, Hamburg and Vienna. Representatives of Scandinavian countries - Denmark , Sweden and Finland - said they felt most secure in their countries.

These are some of the results of a research conducted in 2006 by the Public Opinion Analysis of the European Union called "Eurobarometer". Survey featured over 500 citizens of 75 cities of the EU.

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