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A Maniac Threatens to Repeat Tragedy in Virginia


The US Security Services are put on alert – a 28-year old man is going to commit a terrible crime. According to his words, it will be something even more terrible than shooting of Cho Seung-hui. Cho's bloodthirsty act causes violence of more people.

The young man threatened his family members and pastor over the phone he had at disposal everything for executing his evil plan – shooter and self-made explosive devices. However, the plotter did not mention anything about the location he chose for the crime. The family and pastor warned the police about the possible danger.

The Security Services had to take urgent measures. At present time 41 schools with overall number of 22 thousand students were closed in California. Only the magistral staff and students' parents are allowed to enter the territory of the schools. The additional police guards keep the school areas under control.

The police concentrated upon the fastest possible capture and arrest of the maniac. The young man often moved from one place to another but the police is aware that he has recently settled in a town 55 km off Sacramento. The plotter has already been listed in black book of the police. This year he has been twice arrested on suspicion of home violence. The man is a drug addict taking methamphetamine.

Besides security measures described above, the US Security Services are actively involved in averting any possible acts of violence and try to keep under control all people who belong to school and university environment and have ever displayed signs of inadequate or violent behavior.

In particular, the police arrested a college student from the suburbs of Seattle who owned a small armory. In Florida there was arrested a 14-year old teenager who sent e-mails threatening to 'surpass' the Virginia killer and shoot 100 people. In one of Arkansas colleges the police arrested a student who wrote on the blackboard that he wanted to become the hero as Cho Seung-hui. In North Dakota a 20-year old student wrote in his on-line diary that he found the shooting in Virginia just hilarious. He wanted to commit something on a larger scale. The man had to explain his statements to the police.

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