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Message From Ayman Az-Zawahiri Calls Muslims to Fight

Second most wanted terrorist - Ayman Az-Zawahiri

Ayman Az-Zawahiri addressed a speech to all the Muslims, in which he called them, to become a Shakhid in the war against American and Israeli interest across the world. According to Associated-Press, the speech was a voice message found on the world wide web.

Az-Zawahiri addressed everyone, who calls him/herself a true Muslim, and said that it was their day. He called them to fight against Israeli and American interests and interests of other countries, which are involved into attacking Muslims to any degree. "Find targets, gather money, prepare the equipment, plan your actions and attack to them become a sufferer and to heavens", said Az-Zawahiri in his message.

Az-Zawahiri also called the Muslims not to fight Israel only in Palestina, but all across the world, "just as they do against Muslims".

Experts have not yet proved the message to be genuine, however the comparison of the current recording with the previous ones from Az-Zawahiri assumes that the voice belongs to the second most wanted terrorist.

This message was the third one from the Al-Qaeda leaders: last week a message from the most wanted man - Osama Bin Laden - has been found on the Internet.

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