Friday, 21 Nov, 2008 Politics

Myanmar Court Sentenced Pro-Democracy Activists to 45 and 68 Years in Prison


The court of Myanmar, a military-ruled country, sent a prominent monk and the country's famous comedian to prison.

Both were members of pro-democracy movement in Myanmar.

The comedian's lawyer, Khin Htay Kywe, outlined that the court sentenced her client Zarganar to 45 years under Myanmar's Electronics Act, which monitors all forms of electronic communication, reports MSNBC. She added that the activist still faces several other charges.

A lawyer who decided to remain unidentified said that the Buddhist monk, Ashin Gambira, who was one of the organizers of pro-democracy demonstrations in 2007, was sentenced to 12 years on several charges.

Due to the previous 56-year prison term, the total sentence of the monk equals 68 years.

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