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North Korean Authorities Kill Babies Born in Prisons


US State Department's new report on human rights in North Korea showed that the situation in the country is terrible with babies being killed in a number of network prisons shortly after their birth.

It is worth mentioning that North Korea hinted that it looks forward to test its long-range missiles, which pushed the administration of Barack Obama to review its position towards the Asian country.

The rights report states that the authorities of North Korea performed a huge number of arbitrary killings. Their victims included the opponents of the dictatorship in the country, defectors and even those who somehow got in contact with foreigners.

According to State Department, torture in North Korean prisons is something common and is applied to both political and non-political inmates. The most terrible fate awaits those who are caught attempting to flee to China, which is the only exit from one of the poorest countries in the world.

The report also mentioned that pregnant women were forced to undergo abortions. If a woman gave birth in prison "there were reports that prison guards killed the infant or left it for dead".

It was calculated that one political prison in North Korea can house from 150,000 to 200,000 inmates. Some prisoners were convicted for sitting on a newspaper that featured the image of the country's current leader Kim Jong-Il or his father Kim Il-Sung.

Prisons, built for political convicts, can spread over a territory of 500 square kilometers. As for non-political criminals, they are usually put through forced labor.

People who managed to escape from North Korea say that in some prisons inmates get very little or no food at all. In addition, they do not receive any medical care.

"Sanitation was poor and former labor camp inmates reported they had no changes of clothing during their incarceration and were rarely able to bathe or wash their clothing."

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