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Russia Sells Arms to Tehran - USA Concerned


Nicholas Burns, a spokesman of the Secretary for Political Affairs, told the U.S. Senate that the President's administration was against the delivery of Russian weapons to Iran.

The history began when a news agency from Iran reported a successful test of the Russian air defense missile system TOR-M1, supplied as a part of the $700 million contract between the two parties. The test was part of an Iranian military exercising program, which marked the completion of delivery of Russian weapons to Iran in January.

During his speech, Mr. Burns added that in this case the U.S. laws exercise certain sanctions against companies from abroad, which have or had any trading affairs with Iran. In this case the U.S. has sanctioned the three companies, which took part in the TOR-M1 defense system contract: Russian official arm dealer, Rosoboronexport, and two other Russian arm dealing companies.

On the other hand Sergei Ivanov, Russian Defense Minister, mentioned even back in February in a speech that Russia did not break any international agreements and does not intent to do it. His argument was the fact that Iran is not Russia's leading trade partner and the fact that the TOR-M1 is meant exclusively for defense. Mr. Ivanov made himself clear that this deal with Iran Russia did not contradict any international agreements.

This all happened after the UN Security Council froze 13 foreign accounts of Iranian companies, 15 other individual accounts, which were spotted in affairs involving uranium enrichment and missile development. The security council has also advised other countries to abstain themselves from selling Iran any weapons or providing any loans.

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