Thursday, 26 Apr, 2007 Politics

U.S. Army to Leave Iraq by April 2008


The House of Representatives has approved the bill to pull out the U.S. army from Iraq by the end of March 2008. The bill was approved with a 10 votes difference.

The bill says that the U.S. soldiers must initiate the process on October the 1st current year and terminate the process within the next 180 days. This is the main condition accepted by the Congress to provide Pentagon with necessary funds to cover military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The sum agreed on was about $124 billion. White House confirmed the President's intention to veto the bill and return it to the legislators.

Last month the U.S. Senate dismissed a bill, which set a final date of pulling the U.S. forces out of Iraq. The Democrats needed two thirds of the votes, yet all they got was 48 pros against 50 contras, thus not managing to ratify the law.

Current bill suggests the initiation of the process within the next 120 days, ending it by 31 March, 2008.

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