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U.S. and Russia Found a Common Goal - Iraq


Both United States and Russia are interested in providing stability in Iraq, said on Tuesday the ambassador of United States to Russia William Burns. According to Mr. Burns the discrepancies between the two countries are now in past.

The ambassador said that now both United States and Russia are looking forward to establish stability in Iraq, which is why the representatives of both countries will meet at a conference where Russia and the United States are to settle the Iraq issue. The conference is to be held in Baghdad on March. Iraq and neighboring countries, as well as the representatives of the United Nations will be among the countries that will participate at the meeting.

The goal of the meeting, said Burns, is to boost the process of stabilization in Iraq. That is why there U.S. and Russia have much in common in their relation with the Middle East. The ambassador outlined that although the two countries do not always have the same point of view, regarding various issues, both hold the same position. Especially when it comes to Middle East, Russia and the United States have the same goals and the same attitude towards its issues.

He added that the United States might not necessary agree on every question with Russia, but if to take for example the conflict in Israel than Burns thinks that the relationships are maintained at a good level among U.S., Russia, as well as European Union and the United Nations.

The ambassador mentioned at a press conference in Tyumen about Iran nuclear program and he once again outlined the fact that the U.S. holds the same position as Russia does. He wants the United States to solve the issue diplomatically, which is why the two countries need to cooperate with each other, as well as with United Nations and other international organizations.

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