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4SKINS Underwear Absorbs Offensive Odors


4SKINS is a new type of underwear that is made from special odor absorbing fabric.

The Neutralizer technology, developed by California-based company, Nano-Tex, and used in 4SKINS, builds "odor-eliminating nanotechnology" into the underwear's individual fibers. The technology soaks up, isolates and eliminates odors on the fabric.

It is worth mentioning that the new type of material used in 4SKINS is not only odor-absorbing but also allows your nether regions to breathe.

It would be worth noting that the underwear was invented by an Australian entrepreneur Gilbert Huynh. He needed 2 years to work on research and development of his invention, reports Gizmag.

There is one small drawback, however - the underwear is currently available only for men and the price for a pair of 4SKINS ranges from AUD24.95 to 39.95 (about $24 to $38.50).

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