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500K Diamond Discovered in South Africa


One of the 20 world's largest diamonds has been found at a mine located in South Africa. The diamond represents a magnificent 507-carat (slightly over 100 grams) white stone and was discovered in the same Cullinan mine where in 1907 the Cullinan diamond was discovered, which is believed to be the biggest in the world.

According to a spokesman for Petra Diamond, one of the largest mining companies in the world, it is likely that the found stone is a Type I diamond. The date when the diamond was unearthed is September 24 and at the moment it is being analyzed in the laboratories of Petra Diamond, reports Daily Mail. At the end of the analysis, the diamond's color grading and clarity will be announced.

The diamond, which is yet to be named, was discovered together with other three valuable stones, one being 168-carat, one 58.50-carat and the third one 53.30 carats. It is worth mentioning that the Cullinan mine is famous for producing the largest diamonds in the world, one of them being the Centenary 599-carat diamond.

Petra Diamond boss Johan Dippenaar said: "Initial indications are that it is of exceptional color and clarity, which suggest extraordinary potential for its polished yield."

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