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A Beautiful Partner Makes You More Attractive, Scientists Say


One of the latest studies of American scientists claims that having a good-looking partner on your arm makes you look even more eye-catching for the opposite sex. At the same time, researchers say that going out with an attractive partner of the same sex could have a reverse effect.

The team of American researchers, led by Dr Anthony Little at the University of Stirling, believes that we are often seen more attractive with a beautiful partner because most people assume that behind our look we have some hidden talents.

In their study scientists showed women two images of a man and asked them to rate his attractiveness. It was found that women rated the man higher if he was with a woman more beautiful than him, and considered him less attractive in the picture where the man was alone. Being with a beautiful woman smiling at him was quite enough to considerably increase a man's appeal.

The current study backs an earlier research that showed that women were more attracted to married men than bachelors, because being good-looking for someone else makes a person more attractive for others. Find more interesting facts about men and women here at - please check the links at the bottom of the story.

According to Dr Little such phenomenon is also noticed in the animal world, where male creatures are considered to be superior than others if they have more mates, reports The Telegraph.

At the same time researchers mentioned that having an attractive friend of the same sex is not a good idea, leading to a so-called "contrast effect", which means that a person would look ugly if he or she has a good-looking partner of the same sex and vice verse.

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