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A Man in Dubai Charged $170,000 Debt for Mobile Communication


Two citizens of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, have talked themselves into almost $225,000 bill for mobile communication.

A man from Dubai was sued by a local communication service provider because of his $170,000 bill for mobile communication. A brief investigation of the case showed that the man had 38 different phone numbers registered on his name at the same company. It was absolutely not clear, how one person could be registered 38 times at a single service provide and how this person was able getting into such debt.

These 38 different numbers would mean that each of them had a $4,000 debt, yet some of the man's numbers were registered to have a $10,000 debt.

A similar case in Dubai regarded a woman who was charged of a $54,000 debt to a local communication service provider. This woman, however, had only one mobile phone number registered, but she still somehow managed getting into such debt. It seems like she never stopped talking on the phone for an entire month.

An interesting fact is that there are 5,3 million mobile phone numbers registered in the UAE, whereas its population consists of a bit more than 4 million people, including small children. It was also shown that an average mobile phone bill is only of 30-50 U.S. dollars.

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