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A Nut Got Stuck Around A Man's Penis Just A Week Before his Engagement


A Malaysian welder, who is in his 20s, decided to lengthen his penis before he gets engaged next week but got a nut stuck on his willy. After an erection the man could not remove the nut from his penis and needed to seek help at a hospital in southern Johor state.

In order to remove the object Sultanah Aminah hospital staff drained some blood from the penis and then cut away a top layer of skin.

Members of the fire and rescue department also took part in removing the nut from the Malaysian welder, who previously thought that the nut would weigh down his willy and make it longer.

"The patient is now recovering and we hope to discharge him today (Sunday)," hospital director Daud Abdul Rahim told the Star.

Earlier another man living in Kuala Lumpur, attempted to increase his sexual prowess. He decided to slip a steel ring around his penis and after the doctors failed to remove the ring, help came from the members of fire department, who cut the steel ring.

Source: Straits Times

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