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Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant in Germany Turned Into an Amusement Park


An abandoned nuclear power plant in Germany has been transformed into a beautiful amusement park called Wunderland Kalkar. The conversion is the result of the government's decision to dump all nuclear power plants.

It is possible that Wunderland Kalkar is just one of the many transformations that will be made from 15 power plants that are expected to be completely abandoned by 2022.

Another thing that should be mentioned is that the plant was never really put to use, which guarantees visitors of the amusement park a radiation-free environment. Various political reasons impeded the plant from being launched after it was completed in 1991, with the cooperative business enterprise between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany having spent 4 billion Euro ($5.3 billion) on the project.

The idea to make an amusement park out of the plant came to a Dutch investor, who acquired the facility in 1991. The park extends over a very large territory measuring more than 55 hectares/136 acres (which is almost the size of 80 football fields). The plant was built entirely of concrete, which could be used to make a highway 211 km (131 miles) long.

There are over 40 attractions in the park that also boasts numerous gardens and water features. It also has a 450-room hotel and a number of restaurants and bars. Among the recreation facilities one may find a bowling alley, miniature golf, tennis courts, beach volleyball fields and an outdoor center with a one-of-a-kind dragster lane for karts and quads.

The cooling tower, which is the park's landmark, has been equipped with a swing ride, and its outer walls are used as a climbing wall.

Visitors also have the opportunity to take a guided tour that will offer them a lot of interesting information about the power plant. In the near future the park is expected to have a rooftop swimming pool, a wellness spa and an Energy-Discovery Park. The latter, if built, will become the biggest in Europe.

[via Wunderland Kalkar]

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