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Top 4 Airplane Hotels - a Special Way to Spend Your Vacation


If you're bored of the usual ways of spending your vacation, going to the sea shore, picnic in the forest or whatever you often do to get away from work for a while, then one of the best choices would be an airplane hotel. Below you will find the most popular plane hotels made from different aircrafts that once traveled around the world, carried out special missions during wars and even transported members of governments. Today, however, they serve as very original hotels.

Vliegtuigsuite Hotel

This airplane with 120 seats was used during the Cold War.

In 1960, the Ilyushin 18 (a very popular aircraft in the Soviet Union) was used to transport an East German government.

It managed to travel to Cuba, Russia, China and Vietnam, and in 1988 it retired.

Today it is a luxury hotel suit called Vliegtuigsuite.

The idea to create a hotel out of an old plane came to Dutch entrepreneur Ben Thijssen, who found this Ilyushin 18 in the village of Harbke, in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt where it was used as a restaurant.

Now the plane is located in the Netherlands, near the Teuge airport.

It boasts white interiors that look quite modern, and some luxury facilities such as 3 flat screen television sets, a Blu-ray player, a sauna, a whirlpool, wireless Internet, bar, kitchen and even a Jacuzzi.

Everything inside was delivered by the Dutch company

Those who look forward to spending a night in this hotel will have access to the whole aircraft.

Guests can see everything, starting with the king-size bed they will spend nights in and to the cockpit.

Boeing 747 Hotel

Most airplanes that became obsolete after long service are recycled, some can be seen on display.

A number of people living in Stockholm decided to use an old plane for a different purpose, that's right - they transformed a Boeing 747 jumbo jet into a beautiful 25-room hotel.

It would be interesting to note that the area of each room in the hotel is 65 square feet.

The rooms also feature bunk beds, overhead luggage storage that can be seen in modern planes today, and flat screen televisions.

In addition, the airplane hotel boasts a reception and a café.

But probably the most impressive part of the hotel is the cockpit that has been turned into a wedding suite.

Airplane Hotel in Costa Rica

This amazing aircraft hotel is located on the edge of the Manuel Antonio National Park, in the rainforest resort near Quepos, Costa Rica.

Guests of the Costa Verde Resort have the possibility to spend a night inside a 1965 Boeing 727 airplane.

Before retirement the plane was used to transport people on South Africa Air and Avianca Airlines.

Today, however it plays the role of a luxury 2-bedroom suite with a wonderful view of the beach and ocean.

It would be interesting to note that in order to install the plane on pedestal 50 feet above the beach, it was necessary to transport it piece by piece from the San Jose airport in 5 huge trucks.

Inside guests will also be able to find 2 bathrooms, a kitchenette, flat-screen televisions, a dining room, and a terrace.

All furnishings are made of teak and brought from Indonesia. Besides, teak was also used for the entire paneling on the inside of the plane.

However, this time the teak was harvested locally in Costa Rica.

The Plane Motel in New Zealand

This plane is located in Woodlyn Park, New Zealand. An interesting fact about this plane is that it was one of the last allied aircrafts to fly during the Vietnam War.

Today the 1950's Bristol Freighter plane is a 2-unit motel. Guests have to possibility to spend the night either in the tail, section or (in case of a special occasion) in the cockpit.

It is worth mentioning that the Cockpit Unit has space for 4 people, being equipped with a double bed along with a sofa that pulls out to a large single.

In the actual cockpit there is little space, just enough for a bed and a couple of pilot seats. It is more suitable for children due to the fact that it has a very low ceiling.

In the Tail Unit of the plane there's space for 4 people as well. The unit features a double bed and a set of bunks that are somewhat narrower than a normal size bunk and that have steep ladders leading up to the top bunks.

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