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Amazing Colorful Jellyfish Spotted in the British Waters


While searching for basking sharks, a British kayaker managed to spot and take underwater pictures of amazing jellyfish. In one of the images the photographer noticed a fish that was entangled in the jellyfish's tentacles.

The author of the incredible images is the 47-year-old photographer, Russell Sinkevicius. He took the pictures of the strange creature a mile out to sea while searching for basking sharks off the coast of Newquay, Cornwall.

"I took my boat to Towan Head and about a mile out I started to see small shoals of jellyfish. They were in small pockets of about five or six," he said. The photographer mentioned that usually jellyfish can be seen on the shoreline and when the temperature rises, there's more plankton and the jellyfish come to feed on it, reports The Telegraph.

The images where taken using a compact camera. Mr. Sinkevicius put his hands into the water, being just five or six inches from the jellyfish. "The tentacles were underneath but I kept the camera near the top of them," he said.

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