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Amsterdam Airport Unveils Artificial Park for Travelers


In order to solve the problems linked with passengers having to wait for their flight after passing the security check, representatives of the Amsterdam Schipol Airport decided to set up an artificial park.

Thus, those who clear the passport verification at Amsterdam Schipol Airport, have the possibility to spend a comfortable time in the Airport Park, a park simulation found right inside the airport.

The project is developed as an artificial landscape with rural furniture and live trees, one of which is more than a century old.

A more realistic experience is provided by virtual butterflies that are projected on the ground and different animal sounds that a computerized system plays at certain intervals.

The park also boasts a cafe where passengers can have organic food and drinks. For passengers wishing to recharge their cell phones the park has stationary bikes that they can pedal to generate energy.

Probably the most impressive feature of the Airport Park is the open outdoor terrace where passengers can go for a walk and breathe natural fresh air, reports FastCoDesign.

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