Wednesday, 27 Jun, 2007 Offbeat

And now, it's banana flavored too


Drug dealers develop new trends in cocaine flavors. Sacramento police reports growing traffics of flavored cocaine in the US.

Yolo County is where the most recent arrests were made. Six people being affected in drug affairs were arrested with three pounds of fruit flavored powder. The police reported strawberry and coconut as most popular flavors.

Roy Giorgi, commander of Yolo Narcotic Enforcement Team, said the new sweetened drugs' price has jumped up to 40% higher than the old prices.

Mr. Giorgi said that the users felt a sort of medicine taste in the back of their throats when the drug was snored, yet now, they have strawberries in their throats... and handcuffs on their hands.

Beside strawberry and coconut flavors, there were reports of such exotic flavors as vanilla, chocolate and banana. It is said that other dangerous drugs, such as ecstasy or methamphetamines are also being fruit-flavored.

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