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And Vinyly Uses Ashes to Make Vinyl Records


A British firm called And Vinyly is selling vinyl records that are made of human ashes. The product is a substitute for anaerobic decomposition.

The company proposes its clients a way to make "live" after death. Customers can ask the company to make a record out of their ashes after they die and that record can hold almost anything, from the person's last testament to favorite recordings.

The company offers two options: basic package and extra. The first costs $4,000 and features 30 records together with standard artwork. Each record can have up to 24 minutes of audio content.

The extra package costs $15,500 and it allows a person to have their portrait painted by either James Hague of the National Portait Gallery or street artist Paul Insect and have “Bespook Music” recorded by artists from The House of Fix and Daftwerk especially for the client. The record can then be distributed worldwide.

Find out more about And Vinyly here.

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