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Artist Makes Beautiful Detailed 3D Animals Sculptures Using Paper and Scalpel


The talented artist by the name Calvin Nichols makes his original artworks out of paper. The detailed sculptures were inspired by Nicholls from nature.

It would be interesting to note that the artist enjoys going on hiking and kayaking excursions when he is not at his small office in Toronto. The Canadian forests and waters are the main places were he manages to see the subjects of his 3D paper works - plants and animals.

It is not for the first time that Calvin Nicholls has created a collection of detailed paper works. In fact he has been making paper sculptures for over 16 years now and at the moment he is a master of the art.

The main ingredients Nicholls uses to make such beautiful sculptures are paper and scalpel. The first step involves taking and printing the picture of the subject. Then he uses archival paper to sculpt his work.

[via Calvin Nicholls]

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