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Anonymous Artists Create Artificial Illuminated Swimming Pool Sculpture From Plastic Cups


Luzinterruptus, a group of anonymous artists, has recently come up with a beautiful artistic invention unveiled in Madrid.

The group used more than 2,000 recycled plastic cups and containers to make a mesmerizing glowing installation that resembles a swimming pool.

Each container was filled with blue water and then the artists arranged them in a small rectangle and turned on the light to illuminate them.

The installation was mounted across the Plaza de la Cebada on May 15th. It represents a community swimming pool, which, in 2008, was demolished and since then never rebuilt. Thus the artists decided to show that people are waiting for the swimming pool to be brought back.

Currently there are plans to build a high-end entertainment center and gourmet food market on the same place. But most people in the area will not be able to afford some of the luxurious things that will be offered there, so the art group came up with the idea to make a stand.

[via Collacubed]

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