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Around 10,000 Bees Gathered on Plane Wing


A gang of about 10,000 honeybees decided to land on the wing of a training plane used at a flight school at Beverly Airport.

It seemed that the bees were too tired to fly using their own winds, which is why the landed firstly on the left side of the plane and then grouped at the top of the left wing.

After seeing around ten thousand bees on the plane, the owner of the flight center decided to call the police, who advised the man to call a local bee removal specialist Al Wilkins.

With the help of a specially developed vacuum, Wilkins sucked up the bees off the training aircraft and relocated them to hives, where the bees would later produce honey.

The bee expert believes that the queen of the bees probably stopped to rest on the wing of the aircraft and the other bees gathered around their queen to protect her.

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