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Artist Builds Cities Using Jell-O


Liz Hickok, an installation artist, has been using Jell-O to build replicas of cities and popular landmarks from around the United States.

Working in the field for over 6 years, the artist managed to recreate numerous architectural models, including some parts of San Francisco, and namely the City Hall, the Bay Bridge, the Ferry Building, and an entire skyline as seen from Alcatraz.

She also managed to recreate the White House (here you can see a video in reverse in which the artist shows the evolution of the masterpiece).

Her latest work made of Jell-O illustrates the New York City with some of its landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building and much more.

Unfortunately all of her works are temporary, which is why Hickok takes pictures and shoots videos of them. More information along with an interview with the artist is available here.

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