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Artist Creates Big Dogs Out of Small Toys


Artist Robert Bradford got the idea of creating big dogs out of small toy soldiers and animals four years ago. It all started when the artist simply got tired of storing huge amounts of used toys, belonging to his kids, in the boxes. He came up with the idea of turning the cast-off toys into sculptures.

One of his works consists of 3,000 small toy soldiers, animals and a Power Ranger. Some dogs from his collection are made of household brushes, others from buttons and pan scrubs. But the artist does not only create sculptures, he also sells them and one can acquire Bradford's masterpieces for up to J12,000 ($19,365). At the bottom of the article you will find what we here at wrote about various artists that create amazing works of arts. Although the artist mainly enjoys creating dogs, his collection also includes an airplane, a horse and even an AK-47.

One of his latest works is an angel that the father-of-two mounted with musical instruments. The British artist lives in Ladock, Cornwall.

"I stared into my kids' toy boxes and they made a great combination of colors, shapes and textures. It gave me the idea to turn them into new 'beings'," says the artist.

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