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Artist Creates Fashionable Clothes from Edible Products


Emily Crane is a recent fashion school graduate who enjoys making different clothes from edible products.

Her works include marvelous, sculptural garments made of ingredients that one can find in nearly every old kitchen, starting with food coloring and lusters to agar agar sea vegetables.

Below you can see a dress made of various edible products, with the main ingredient being beef gelatin.

Though she makes clothes, Crane looks more like a candy maker that produces garments by mixing, whipping, and stirring together various ingredients.

After making the mixtures, she spoons them onto baking tray-like sheets and puts them in a freezer. The next step involves molding the mixtures around a mannequin. In the end she obtains Micro-Nutrient Couture.

The most interesting thing about her edible clothes they don't look like food, mainly because of the undulating forms and almost transparent texture, informs FastCoDesign.

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