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Artist Creates Unique Coral Reef from Life-Sized Human Sculptures


Probably one of the greatest modern works of art was created by Jason deCaires Taylor.

The artist decided to make a unique artificial coral reef of statues that he calls the Silent Evolution found off the coast of Cancun, Mexico.

It took several months for the artist to finish the work that symbolizes a spirit that swings between sadness and fear.

It is meant to remind us of the complex relationship between the man and nature.

Silent Evolution is composed of 400 life-size human sculptures located 9 meters below sea level. One of the main goals of the structure is to encourage the development of marine life.

All the sculptures used in the project were made using pH-neutral concrete reinforced with fiberglass. The latter is used to attract marine life.

In addition, Taylor replants the damaged coral on his sculptures, thus attempting to rescue them, reports Inhabitat.

It is worth mentioning that Silent Evolution will be inaugurated in November 27, 2010. At the same time anyone can follow that artist's composition on Facebook and observe the sculptures in the video below.

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