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Artist Helps Create a Hotel From 200,000 Plastic Cards


In case you don't know what to do with unwanted hotel key cards that this story might just interest you. Recently Holiday Inn's Key Card Hotel was presented in Manhattan, New York. The hotel features a guest bedroom, bathroom and lobby, but what is really impressive it that everything in the hotel is made of plastic hotel key cards, including life-sized furniture.

The building weights 2 tons and occupies an area of 400 square feet. Holiday Inn's Key Card Hotel will be opened for business on September 21st. It was created with the help of the famous "card-stacker" Bryan Berg. "This is my largest card-stacking challenge to date and the only card creation I have ever made at full human scale," said the artist and world-record holder.

Using Holiday Inn playing cards, Mr. Berg looks forward to create a 9ft copy of the Empire State Building, which will be located in the lobby of the hotel. According to Kevin Kowalski, senior vice president of global brand management at Holiday Inn, the Key Card Hotel is the only hotel on the planet to be made of plastic cards, reports Daily Mail.

Previously at we wrote about the talented artist, who at the age of 17 managed to break the world record by creating the World's Tallest House of Freestanding Playing Cards that was 14ft 6in high.

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