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Artist Makes Carpet Using Cigarette Butts


All of the artists, the works of which were described on our website, are very talented and able to make beautiful works of art.

Jesus Bubu Negron is an artist from Puerto Rico who decided to use the item that is one of the most often littered on the streets and make a beautiful creation out of it. He used cigarette butts to create something that resembles a woven carpet.

The commissioned street cleaner had no problem collecting material for his work. However, instead of throwing out the cigarette butts, Mr. Negron used them for fashion.

His art project was displayed at the Sharjah Biennale. The project also features paper from the cigarettes that was unrolled and put on top of each other.

With butts of different colors used, it was possible to create a pattern that looks like a woven textile rug.

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