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Artist Makes Detailed Scenes Inside Bottles Using Candle Smoke


The talented bottle artist Jim Dingilian looks beyond the construction of small ships inside bottles. He makes the detailed scenes inside bottles using candle smoke.

Dingilian starts by burning the inside of the bottle and then accurately brushes away the residue, thus unveiling the images of trees, landscapes and more inside the bottle.

In order to create a scene, the artist gathers empty liquor bottles that vary in size, color and shape.

More often it is possible to spot scenes of overgrown yards, burned out vehicles is the suburbs and other things that could give a clue about the past life of the bottle.

Here's how he works: first it is necessary to make dark renderings. To do this Dingilian lights a candle, letting the flame to burn the inside and thus covering the glass of the bottle with a thin layer of soot. Then he etches away the soot using a small paint brush connected to a dowel rod, that Dingilian hang ups into the center of the bottle.

To see his works you can visit a number of galleries across the Unites States, and even the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

[via Jim Dingilian]

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