Friday, 25 Jun, 2010 Offbeat

Artist Makes Inland Sea Using a Million Discarded CDs


Using about one million compact discs, Bruce Munro made a sparkling inland sea.

Over 600,000 discarded compact discs were sent to the artist from Brazil and California. All of the collected CDs were placed by hand for the artwork of Munro called "CD Sea."

It would be interesting to note that one man gave Munro 40,000 CDs to help the artist create the CD Sea at Long Knoll Field in Wiltshire.

In the end Munro was able to make a 120 square meter carpet composed of glittering mirrors that reflect sunlight and moonlight across the 10-acre field.

The artwork will be on display 24 hours a day and in two months it will be disassembled and the material used from the CD Sea will be sent to a recycling plant.

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